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New Library Resources and Service!

The DSCU library has secured access to several new databases that have been electronically licensed for use by the DSCU community! Please visit the DSCU Library Page and conduct your search using its left-hand navigation menu. For descriptions of the databases and their coverage or for help accessing or searching them, please reach out to the library at

Posted: 2/7/2022

Resident Advising (MoDA) Opportunities

The Institute for Security Governance (ISG) has multiple Resident Advising opportunities available. Please go to Resident Advising (MoDA) Opportunities for more information.

Posted: 10/26/2021

ISG Wins Third Secretary of Defense Maintenance Award

The Institute for Security Governance (ISG) was awarded the 2021 Secretary of Defense Award for Sustainment Training, Advice, and Assistance of Foreign Military Forces for the third year in a row.


ISG’s Colombia Project Team, working side-by-side with the Colombian defense and security sector logistics enterprise, facilitated the development and ongoing implementation of the Ministry of National Defense’s logistics modernization plan, setting the conditions for enhanced Colombian logistics interoperability with the US Department of Defense and with NATO. Colombia is now positioned to become a regional defense logistics leader. ISG’s collaborative approach and direct involvement with Colombia’s Ministry of National Defense, General Command of the Military Forces, Public Forces, and National Police logistics stakeholders is driving efforts to improve sector-wide logistics functions and increasing national sustainment capacity to produce a better return on investment for US security assistance and cooperation. These extraordinary accomplishments reflect great credit upon the Institute for Security Governance Colombia Team, the Defense Security Cooperation Agency, and the US Department of Defense.

The ISG Colombia Team, headed by Regional Program Lead Darryl L. Long, also includes Denny Wetherald, Hal Laughlin, Dan Georgi, Kathy Conley, Michael Boomer, Gordon Grant, and Rick Powell. This award represents years of hard work and bilateral cooperation in support of the Colombian Ministry of National Defense that have significantly advanced the strategic interests of the United States.

Posted: 10/25/2021

SCO-299 popularity is growing!

Have you heard? SCO-299 popularity is growing! Since the course inception in June 2019, SCO-299 enrollment has been increasing. A recent course participant said, “For me this course has been a lifesaver, it has changed my perspective about how to see things differently and how to confront things differently. I will highly encourage to make this course mandatory for the spouses because otherwise they will go to the assignment basically blind folded.”

When accompanied, spouses can support fast-paced and demanding SCO assignments and contribute to mission success. Spouses will sometimes perform voluntary and direct services to support the SCO or other embassy offices – in a unique overseas environment, without typical support systems present. SCO Spouse training is valuable for SCO mission success and family safety (SCO assignments have risks for which the typical family is not prepared). We want to ensure that all understand that DSCU funding will be provided for SCO spouses who attend the course any time prior to the initial arrival date to the DoD member’s country-of- assignment. Spouses are encouraged, but not required, to attend the course at the same time that their husband or wife attends the Overseas Course. We understand that family situations exist that may preclude both the member and the spouse being away from home/family at the same time.

Please join us for an upcoming SCO Spouse Orientation Course. Additional course details and course dates can be found at the SCO-299 course page.

Integrity of Our Research Enterprise

DoD desiring to redouble effort to protect research integrity and intellectual capital while seeking a long-term competitive advantage and premier innovation enterprise. Click here to read the letter.

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