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Posted: 7/7/2021DSCA Delegation Visits ISG

The Institute for Security Governance (ISG) was honored to host Defense Security Cooperation Agency (DSCA) Director Heidi Grant and a delegation from DSCA last week (22-24 June 2021) at ISG headquarters in Monterey, CA.

Source: Institute for Security Governance (ISG)

Posted: 11/12/2020Military Marks Women, Peace and Security Program

Prolonged warfare is hell on women and girls in particular, and the United Nations recognized that fact by passing United Nations Security Council Resolution 1325, on women, peace and security on October 31, 2000.


Posted: 11/9/2020Defense Security Cooperation University hits one-year mark

The Defense Security Cooperation University recently hit its one-year mark. Despite needing to adapt to the coronavirus pandemic, the university provided more than 25,000 courses to members of the security cooperation workforce. Cara Abercrombie, President of the Defense Security Cooperation University, spoke with “Government Matters” about the school’s first year.

Source: Government Matters

Posted: 9/28/2020Defense Security Cooperation University Hits One-Year Milestone With Great Success

The Defense Security Cooperation Agency opened the Defense Security Cooperation University in September 2019 as part of an effort to professionalize the SC workforce and to serve as the Department of Defense's Center of Excellence for the SC community.

A year later, the DSCU is well on its way to meeting the goals it set when it first opened its doors...


Posted: 8/4/2020LTG Hooper talks China, arms exports and DSCA’s future

Farewell interview with LTG Hooper mentions DSCU as a major point of pride

Source: DefenseNews

Posted: 4/30/2020The coronavirus and the Defense Security Cooperation University

Ms. Cara L. Abercrombie, President of the Defense Security Cooperation University (DSCU), details how the pandemic has impacted DSCU and its goal to certify the defense cooperation workforce.

Source: Government Matters

Posted: 2/18/2020New certification program for Defense Security Cooperation Agency employees

Source: Federal News Network Podcast

Posted: 2/6/2020Interview on Governmant Matters

DSCU president Cara Abercrombie details the importance of certification to the Pentagon's security cooperation efforts in an Interview on Governmant Matters.
Note: The interview starts at the 8:27 minute mark

Source: Government Matters

Posted: 1/31/2020DOD Aims to Certify Security Cooperation Workforce as Profession

More than 20,000 employees involved in Defense Department security cooperation activities will get about two years to meet new training requirements to be certified in their areas of expertise and forge the diverse workforce for the first time into a profession.


Posted: 1/3/2020DOD Launches Security Cooperation Certification Program

The Defense Security Cooperation Agency yesterday launched the Department of Defense Security Cooperation Workforce Certification Program for civilian and military members of the security cooperation workforce.


Posted: 12/5/2019Defense Security Cooperation Agency chief on the value of partnerships

Article by Lt. Gen. Charles Hooper

Source: DefenseNews

Posted: 10/25/2019America sold over $55 billion in weapons in FY19

The U.S. sold $55.4 billion worth of weapons to allies and partners around the globe in fiscal 2019, a nearly flat change from the previous fiscal year.Of that total, $48.25 billion came in payments from partner nations, $3.67 billion from grant assistance programs such as Foreign Military Financing and the Global Peacekeeping Operations Initiative, and $3.47 billion for cases funded under Department of Defense Title 10 grant assistance programs, such as train and equip programs or the Afghan Security Forces Fund.

Source: DefenseNews

Posted: 10/3/2019A New Defense School Could Change American Weapon Sales Abroad

Two years to the month from when the idea was first publicly floated, the Pentagon inaugurated its new Defense Security Cooperation University, with the aim of creating a workforce able to more quickly provide security assistance to allies and partners. At Wednesday’s event opening the new university location, located roughly a mile from the Pentagon, Undersecretary of Defense for Policy John Rood, Defense Security Cooperation Agency head Lt. Gen. Charles Hooper and Cara Abercrombie, the new president of the university, all praised the opening of the office as a new start for the Pentagon’s security assistance mission.

Source: DefenseNews

Posted: 10/3/2019DoD Reworking Arms Sales To Curb Civilian Casualties & Counter China

In tandem with the Pentagon’s latest update of its civilian casualty policy, the way the US prioritizes and sells weapons overseas is also undergoing a series of deep reforms to more closely align sales with broader US policy objectives, and curb potential misuse by allies.

Source: Breaking Defense Magazine

Posted: 10/3/2019New University To Train Security Cooperation Workforce In Defense Department

The Defense Security Cooperation Agency has opened a new institution designed to train and build a workforce of security cooperation experts.

Source: ExecutiveGov

Posted: 10/3/2019New Defense School To Educate, Certify Security Cooperation Professionals

The newly stood-up Defense Security Cooperation University, aimed squarely at creating, training and certifying a professional community from the Defense Department's security cooperation workforce, will spend the next 24 months ensuring that some 20,000 personnel get the most basic level certification in their career field.


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