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DSCU Terms for Online Education

  • Asynchronous
    Not happening at the same time online. Working on course content on your own.
  • Blended (or hybrid) learning
    A course with both online and face-to-face classroom instruction.
  • Computer-based Training (CBT)
    Asynchronous courses taken via a computer software program or application without an instructor.
  • Distance Learning
    A method of study where teachers and students do not meet in a physical classroom space but use the Internet, e-mail, mail, etc., to have classes.
  • Instructor-led Training (ILT)
    Training led by an instructor.
  • Online
    Connected to, served by, or available through a system, such as the Internet.
  • Online Training (OLT)
    Any training taking place only online; OLT may or may not have an instructor.
  • Synchronous
    Happening, existing, or arising at precisely the same time. Meeting or working together online at the same time/in real time.
  • Virtual
    Occurring or existing primarily online.
  • Virtual Instructor-led Training (vILT)
    Training led by an instructor online.
  • Webinar
    A live online educational presentation during which participating viewers can submit questions and comment.

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Courses are grouped below by specific Areas of Concentration (AOC) and target audience categories. Each of the listed courses requires student registration and awards a certificate upon completion. Click the AOC or category most applicable to see available courses.

Course Formats:

  • OLT: Online Training
  • ILT: Instructor Led Training
  • vILT: Virtual Instructor Led Training

Please see the DSCU Terms for Online Education to help you better understand some of the specialized terms employed by the course catalog.

 AoC: SC Acquisition Management (15)
 AoC: SC Case Life Cycle Management (24)
 AoC: SC Execution Support Management (22)
 AoC: SC Planning, Oversight, and Execution Management (15)
 AoC: SCO Operations and Management (14)
 Category: Locally Employed Staff (5)
 Category: Ministry of Defense Advisors (MoDA) (4)
 Category: SC Enterprise - Industry (4)
 Category: SC Enterprise - International Partner (10)
 Category: SC Executive Education (3)
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