Component Certification Authorities

Component Certification Authorities (CCAs) are integral to the success of the Department of Defense (DoD) Security Cooperation Workforce Development Program (SCWDP). If you are a CCA, read on to learn more about your role and the tools available to you.

CCA Role Overview

CCAs help guide the standardization and implementation of the SC workforce development program on behalf of their component.
CCAs hold the following responsibilities as key partners in the Security Cooperation Workforce Development Program (SCWDP):

  • Provide SCWDP supervisors with access to the Security Cooperation Workforce Development Database (SCWD-D)
  • Coordinate quarterly SCWD-D data review
  • Identify SCW positions and key positions in DoD authoritative manpower systems
  • Prioritize training for Component Personnel

CCA Certification Administration Tools


The Security Cooperation Workforce Development Database (SCWD-D) is the primary tool for DoD Components to keep SCW assignment information up to date. CCAs use the SCWD-D to add, delete and modify SCW billets/positions, area of concentration (AoC) and certification level along with adding/removing the SCW member in a specific SCW position or billet.
Wondering how to change an AOC or Certification level? Click here to learn more.

SC Certification Center - Cert Admin Page

The SC Certification Center is the source for the SC Workforce members:

  • To view their individualized certification status (training, experience, and continuous learning)
  • See which courses they still require and link to the DSCU course catalog to register
  • Obtain an unofficial transcript of completed courses
  • Monitor continuous learning

The SC Certification Center also has visibility for the CCA to monitor the status of their Components SC Workforce Certification status. The Dashboard allows:

  • SC workforce overview
  • In good standing forecast
  • View certification status for personnel

Security Cooperation Workforce Development Program (SCWDP) Competencies and Job Tasks

The SCWDP Competencies and Job Tasks are the tasks that comprise the various areas of concentration of the security cooperation profession. For a full description of the SCWDP Competencies and Job Tasks, click here.

Resources for the Security Cooperation (SC) Workforce

CCAs can direct their SC workforce members to the following certification program resources: