SC Certification Toolbox

For SCWD-D Administrators Who Manage SC Workforce Data

The Security Cooperation Workforce Development-Database (SCWD-D) is the authoritative record of positions in the DoD SC Workforce (SCW). SCWD-D Administrators within each DoD component monitor and maintain changes to their SCW positions and personnel in the SCWD-D. DoD Components are required to update the SCWD-D on at least a quarterly basis.

SCWD-D Administrators notate each position’s SC Area of Concentration (AoC) and Certification Level to establish the training and certification requirements for positions within their organization’s SCWD-D hierarchy. The SCWD-D automatically compares the training and experience achieved by the personnel filling the SC positions to calculate a SC Certification status for personnel.

There is no need to update completed training from DSCU or DAU. The SCWD-D does this for you. DSCU training completions are automatically updated in the SCWD-D daily. It typically takes 48 hours or less for recently completed DSCU course completions to appear in the SCWD-D. DAU course completions may take 30 days or longer to appear.

The SCWD-D also automatically provides legacy course credit for pre-approved DSCU and DAU courses where applicable to certification requirements. Please see the Legacy Course Credit Equivalency Table for a list of pre-approved courses.

All SCWD-D Users also have access to the Cert Admin page of the Certification Center to view certification status reports and to help manage certification.

Dod CCAs and SCWD-D Admins may log into the Certification Center to:

  • View certification status for their organization in the SC Certification Dashboard
  • See who still needs training and experience in their organization
  • Retrieve reports and data on members of the SCW in their organization
  • Download and print certificates for personnel in their organization who achieved certification
  • Grant certification (for those with delegated authority)

Are you a new administrator? Learn how to request Access to the SCWD-D

For SCW Members Seeking Certification

Security Cooperation Workforce (SCW) members can view their certification status in the SC Certification Center if their organization’s SCWD-D Admin properly enters their name and DoD ID number in the SCWD-D.

Members of the SC Workforce may log into the Certification Center to:

  • View required certification courses
  • View legacy course credit applied for qualified previously completed training
  • View their SC experience status and register for remaining certification courses.
  • Obtain an unofficial transcript of completed courses
  • Download and print their certificates showing the area of concentration (AoC) and certification level achieved
  • Monitor continuous learning (CL) requirements
  • View good standing status

Download Your Certificates and Unofficial Transcripts

The SCW member and their CCA can download and print the certificate showing the area of concentration (AoC) and certification level achieved from the SC Certification Center.
If a SCW member needs to demonstrate completed certification courses they can download their unofficial transcript.

Continuous Learning

The SCW member must maintain good standing with the program by completing required training and continuous learning (CL) requirements which vary according to the certification level and academic Area of Concentration.

The SCWD-D automatically tracks good standing status. SCW members can view their status in the SC Certification Center.

NOTE: If a SCW member is not able to gain access to the SC Certification Center, they should contact their supervisor who should in turn contact the organization’s SCWD-D Admin to ensure the SCW member’s position and information is properly entered in the SCWD-D.

Helpful How Tos

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