FMS Wall Walk

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The mission of the Defense Security Cooperation Agency (DSCA) is to advance U.S. defense and foreign policy interests by encouraging and enabling allies and partners to respond to shared challenges.  An integral part of that mission is administering the Foreign Military Sales (FMS) program across the Department of Defense on behalf of the Department of State.

In addition to multiple course offerings provided by its Defense Security Cooperation University (DSCU), DSCA has long provided an interactive, in-person experience that tours major facets of the security cooperation process against a visual timeline, termed “the Wall Walk.”  

The Wall Walk has afforded our valued partners a data-centric learning experience, distilling the highly complex and deliberative case process – and its interaction DOD life-cycle management – into a single infographic.

Now, DSCA has brought this experience online.  DSCU, as the center of intellectual life for the security cooperation enterprise, collaborated with FMS subject matter experts to create a publicly available course that offers an overview of the FMS process, from requirements generation to case closure. 

Who It's For

This is intended for a diverse community consisting of political appointees, those new to the Defense Security Cooperation Agency (DSCA), or anyone interested in learning more about security cooperation and FMS topics.

Quality Control

The Defense Security Cooperation University is committed to in-depth analysis, critique and lessons learned that expand the intellectual foundations of security cooperation. As you navigate this tool, please notify us of any errors, omissions, or provide comments to