ISG Heron July Issue

July 8, 2024

Announcing the latest ISG Heron – a quarterly newsletter highlighting our work in Security Cooperation and Institutional Capacity Building as well as the people who contribute to this important mission. 

In this issue, ISG:    

• Spotlights our successful bi-annual on-site in Monterey.

• Highlights DASD for Cyber Policy’s visit to Monterey.

• Welcomes two new, accomplished Regional Advising Experts.

• Profiles how the Institute lends expertise to two key African conventions.

• Offers a standing ovation to ISG’s Maritime Security Functional Lead, Mr. Tim Doorey.

• Celebrates our five-year milestone with a brief snapshot of the Institute’s accomplishments.

• Explores the reinvention of the Women, Leadership, and National Defense resident course.

• Marks the signing of Panama’s first Joint Operating Concept.

• Showcases a brief roundup of the external fora in which ISG colleagues present and publish.

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picture of a man viewing the ISG July Heron on his device